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How you can help

Why you should help:

Because Backpacks & Bridges is a positive collaborative project: help us build bridges by doing your bit!
Wherever you are in the world, whoever you are, you can participate in a high-potential social solidarity project.

How you can help:
  • By talking about our project among your network, by following us on social networks and by liking and sharing our posts! All this just by clicking on one of the social links around our page.
  • By hosting us, notably through our partner TalkTalkbnb, or by asking one of your friends to host us on the road. Each night we “save” by not going to a hotel will lead to a donation of 10€ to 20€ (depending on the country) to Cours avec Moi! You can check out our itinerary and contact us if you know people where we’re going!
  • By making a donation to Arooni (nonprofit organisation), which will fund the Cours avec Moi ! project.
  • By volunteering to help the social and solidarity projects we’ve identified, notably Cours avec Moi ! Register on the Travel With a Mission (TWAM) platform to send your application to Cours avec Moi !
  • By putting us in contact with the people you know who are helping change the world one step at a time.
  • By giving us your ideas to develop the social and local initiatives we select, to help these men and women overcome the challenges they face in trying to change the world.
If you are a corporation…

To bring social and solidarity value to your DNA, and/or communicate beyond your borders, why not:

  • Sponsor our project through a donation or by giving us a discount on your products/services
  • The amounts donated are investments destined to promote the company’s image and are therefore entirely tax-deductible (Article 39.1.7 of the French General Tax Code). Beware this applies to French companies, if you are outside of France, you would have to consult your country’s legislation on this subject.
  • Make a visibility exchange to develop a virtuous cycle with common goals
  • You can download our partnership presentation to find out more
  • We are open to any proposal and to imagine different ways of concluding a partnership. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!