Host us

Why you should host us
  • Because we’re nice, fun to hang out with and easygoing!
  • Because it is the best way to have rich cultural exchanges, to learn from and share with others!
  • Because as a bonus, by hosting us, you are helping to finance a local, social and solidarity based project: for each night we are hosted, we will donate between 10€ and 20€, depending on the country, to the selected project  to help it develop in the best possible conditions.
Pretty cool way to participate in a project making the world a bit better, no?
Bring your contribution to build bridges together and break down barriers worldwide!
How you can host us
  • Follow our roadmap to find out if you’re on our way or if you have friends nearby! And who knows, we might make a detour to come see you!
  • Send us an e-mail so we can meet up
  • Contact us through our TalkTalkbnb profile, the site where you can offer free accommodation in exchange for learning a language!
  • Contact us through our Couchsurfing profile
  • Share our roadmap and news on your social networks!
See you soon!