Who we are


Country: France
Age: 32
Diploma: ESC Toulouse
Professional experience: 8 years in project management at media agencies
Founded the Aroonii nonprofit in May 2015 and has supported 4 solidarity and social projects in one year… and it’s far from over!
Stéphanie also has the honor of being TWAM Ambassador, to carry the twaming flag up high!
Hobbies: drawing, painting, literature, backpacking
Role in the adventure: the utopian! Project design, communication, writing articles, identification of social and local initiatives, documentation
Her +: bilingual in Spanish


Country : France and USA (native in both languages)
Diploma : ESCP Europe
Professional experience : 2 years at a music label, 5 years at a media agency, 1 year in offline media management for an advertiser, freelance translator on the side since 2011
Hobbies: photography (the official Backpacks & Bridges photographer), music, political sciences, travel (backpacking or not)
Role in the adventure: the pragmatist! Equipment selection, budgeting, blog development, photography, English translation
His +: native French and American speaker and negotiations!

Pragmatic utopians around the world

And since we’re embarking on this adventure together, we define the itinerary together, plan, organise, and constantly exchange about our different ideas and wishes!

You can help us by:
-hooking us with accomodation and hosts
-with a donation to Aroonii

For each night we are hosted for free, we will donate between 10 and 20 euros (depending on the country to Aroonii.
All proceeds will go towards financing Cours avec Moi!