Cours avec moi

Cours avec Moi !, is the local social initiative that Backpacks & Bridges supports.
Inaugurated in February 2016, the project promotes education for all and equal opportunities for underpriviledged children 8-15 years old, parallel to their public education.

The name itself is a French pun, “cours” meaning both class and run, so the name means both “class with me” and “run with me”, to highlight that this new educational opportunity will help the children run towards their future!

Thought of and managed by Proeun Prim, the project unites and dynamises the community in the village of Vat Po, 6km from Siem Reap in Cambodia. At the same time, it promotes solidarity and the importance of respecting the environment around the community.

A small and young organisation, Cours avec Moi ! now needs resources (financing, volunteers, knowledge transfer) to be more established and guarantee its positive impact through time. For the circle to be virtuous, accelerating its development smartly will enable the project, in the longer term, to be completely autonomous!

You can help us by participating in the project, or by following and sharing the Cours avec Moi ! page.

With Aroonii, Stephanie has been supporting this wonderful initiative since its inauguration in February 2016, and she intends to make it grow significantly with Backpacks & Bridges !


Cours avec Moi! is :

One goal: To encourage underpriviledged to continue their studies.

One means: Teaching them French

picto-BB_ampouleThe idea:

In Cambodia, even though school is free, it is not mandatory.

  • Many underpriviledged children give up their studies after primary school, especially girls.
  • School has a high cost for families, so children start working early in life to bring additional revenue.
  • In these conditions, there is only a small chance children will continue their studies in junior high and high school, and even smaller that they will go to college.
Cours avec Moi!’s ambition :
  • Encourage these children to continue their studies to build themselves a better future.
  • Accompany them during their free time, by offering one hour of theoretical lessons and one hour of activities per day.
  • Help them reach college. For that, they have to be able to speak and to write in French!

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