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Backpacks & Bridges is a social and community-based trip, to build bridges and break barriers open!
picto-BB_planeteThe adventure :

We are going to discover 4 continents to enrich our view of the world, by going to meet its inhabitants in the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America. Passionate about photography and travel, we will share with you our stories, best tips, favorites, practical advice… The idea is to get you to want to jump on the road as well!
Naturally curious, we are anxious to experience new cultures, stories and adventures. For us though, none of this would have any meaning without sharing, exchanging, connecting and building bridges. As we are also part of the connected generation, we want to act positively in a changing world, and to create connections throughout our journey.

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picto-BB_tenteCreate connections and give meaning:

Backpacks & Bridges, is a social B&B: notably powered by the support of our partner TalkTalkbnb!
Each time someone hosts us for free, we will donate between 10€ and 20€ (depending on the cost of living) to a social and solidarity-based project, initiated and conceived by a native (meaning a project by a local built by and for their community). We will get our fill of cultural exchanges and participate together to materialising a positive project!
Backpacks & Bridges will use the magic of networks thanks to a simple internet connection : we will share our roadmap, and if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone in the area, you can put us in contact with your friends. Thanks to you, the amounts donated to the selected project will increase… We are all part of a bigger whole!

picto-BB_ampouleLocal social initiatives:

The project for this journey was initiated by Stephanie, who founded her own nonprofit in May 2015 to help people with good ideas that she meets during her travels. To help fight poverty, her nonprofit, Aroonii, helps small-scale social and community-based projects with high potential, to help them spread their wings! During our trip around the world, we will continue along this path, portraying the people we meet who are changing the world for the better in their own way and on their scale. To help them materialize and develop their projects, we will need your brawn and your brains! Social entrepeneurship amateurs or experts, twamers, be ready to contribute to solve their problems.

Changing the world

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picto-BB_bookThe project we support :

As a backdrop to this trip around the world, we are supporting a project to promote education for all in Cambodia: Cours avec Moi ! Backpacks & Bridges is all at once a way to communicate on the project, to finance it and to help it develop, with the backing of Aroonii which has been supporting Cours avec Moi! since its inception in February 2016.

Cours avec moi