Libat – Jerusalem

Country: Israel

City: Even Sapir, in the suburbs of Jerusalem

Age: 36

We had a great time with Libat, who hosted us for one night in her village a few kilometers from the center of Jerusalem. She was very welcoming and quickly made us feel at home. We arrived a bit late after a day of visiting the Old City, but Libat had perfectly planned everything! We cooked the delicious dinner she had planned together: a chicken coconut curry with rice and a fresh salad, followed by homemade sweets from her mother.

The next day, we slept in a bit, and then she took us to visit the area: the springs in the hill around where people come to cool off during the week-end, the Monastery of Saint John in the Wilderness, lunch in the village of Ein Kerem, before we drove off to Arad near the Dead Sea. The textbook example of the kind of encounters we enjoy: real discussions, fun and simplicity.

Thanks to her, we can donate 20 euros to Aroonii to fund local, social and community-based projects.

Favorite food: Everything! I love to eat, I would say that my favorite meal is variety, to taste everything!

Favorite musician: The Beatles, but there too, it’s only because I have to choose… (indeed, we noticed that Libat, as a good epicurian radiating with joy, loves music. She even made us discover a song by French singer Laurent Voulzy…)

Her dream: Finding a calm and welcoming place, pretty and easy to live, where people live in harmony, with my own garden and animals

The country she would like to visit: As for the previous questions, I’d like to go everywhere! But I’d say Norway for my next trip

Wouldn’t travel without: something to wear!

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